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This man is almost 40 years old, but he is always a dream of juvenile dream

2017-Aug-23 10:42
The game did not play that they can not do, this is that proud of Bryant? Perhaps the years and injuries make Bryant's character no longer so angular, but his pride never dissipated. In the NBA career curtain call, Bryant got 60 points,air jordan shoes online so that the Warriors 73 wins also eclipsed. That game, Bryant in the fourth quarter has been exhausted, but he is still in this section split 23 points lead to reverse, is the spiritual strength to overcome the physical jordan 1 retro "At the end of the game, my legs have no strength, but I cast out the ball, very luck they have entered," Bryant said.Stubborn Kobe Bryant, winning Kobe Bryant, the efforts of Kobe Bryant, proud of Kobe Bryant, together for the dream of hard work Kobe Bryant. In the last season of the NBA career, Bryant accepted the Tencent sports interview,cheap jordan shoes when asked what fans want to remember Bryant, Bryant replied: "I want them to remember that I am a dreamer, to enjoy the dream. I started to have a great dream, and then I went to realize them, and I hope the fans will be able to remember that.
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