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What the name Shaquille O 'neal means

2018-Feb-28 15:28
According to USA Today, have you ever wondered what the name Shaquille O 'neal means? On a show today, O 'neal explained the origin of his name:

"My mother is my best friend. She gave birth to me at a very young age, and my grandmother was a devout believer, so when her mother was unmarried and pregnant NBA MT Coins, the family began to give her the cold shoulder. There was a time when we were alone, moving from place to place."

"One day I asked my mother, we have Brian, Kenny, mike and Greg in our house. Why did you call me Shaquille?" she answered, "I want to make your name meaningful. "

"My full name is Shaquille Lashawn O 'neal. Shaquille is an islamic name meaning small and Lashawn means warrior. My mother said, "you are my little warrior. I will fight with you, and I will fight for you. "
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