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The screen is excellent

2018-Feb-22 15:43
Although Rocket League is a developed by independent studio sports games, many players on the details of the picture is not what hopes, I am no exception, but the picture of the test performance really let me impressed. With the unreal 3 engine, the details of the car, including the shaking of the external frame, are very detailed Rocket League Keys. Light and vision to the players created a seems to be a real experience, colorful neon lights down from all directions, shop is on the field, make the environment appear have qualitative feeling very much. It can be said that the effect of light and shadow and the dynamic blur effect of the collision, give the whole game a considerable increase, as if really in the field.

The game not only the screen is excellent, the sound effect is also quite well received. In the course of the race, the cheers of the audience, even the sound of birdsong in some scenes, were very vivid, even when the cars sped up. The sound of the tire friction with the ground, in the grip on the grass and on the railing of sound, and even the vehicle collision Rocket League Items and football after scoring explosion sound can be felt in the game, good game experience.
Strictly speaking, the game rules of Rocket League are very few, and players only need to push the ball into the opponent's goal in a few minutes. In addition to the car instead of people to play football game, with the general rules of a game of football games is a big difference: players will be in a totally enclosed green, not out, nor is there any fouls, the only thing we have to do is win a game. There are no fixed goalkeepers in the Rocket League. Players can choose SOLO or 4 VS 4, and each player has no fixed position to play. Sounds like just hit the ball game, but even joined the game ball line shows that in the fierce roar right to fight for the ball is very hard, so how to get the ball is about to see your intelligence.
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