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The balance of values and games

2018-Feb-18 10:20
The Rocket League has a built-in social system in the game, and we can invite friends online for fun. The main growth and payment content in the Rocket League comes from various vehicles, as well as spray-painted surfaces Rocket League Keys. The Rocket League does not have a payment prop that affects the balance of values and games. According to the current operating direction of the game, this kind of content will affect the life of the game itself and will not appear in the future.

The Rocket League is undoubtedly an excellent and mature competitive game. It neatly blends the big rules of sports. It USES a unique physical engine to construct a fantastic set of basic rules. Rocket League has made reasonable optimization for new guidance and social systems. It also retains the core part of the game and insists on a fair game business model. This Rocket League has given us a good answer.
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