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CR7 requires to salary up

2017-Sep-28 14:47

Spanish media "Marca" news, C Luo intend to ask for a higher salary to Real Madrid, look Messi and Nei Maer. It is reported that C Luo this time the annual salary requirement is 25 million euros after tax, of course, this amount is still lower than Messi and Nei Maer.

This summer, buy fifa 18 coins the world football has a new change, the market rose a new level, Messi and Barcelona renewed a high price contract, Nei Maer joined Paris Saint-Germain, the salary also skyrocketed. In contrast, he renewed a new contract with Real Madrid in November last year, but far behind Messi and Nemal. Spanish media "Marca" pointed out that C Luo hope to negotiate with Real Madrid to improve their annual salary, the newspaper specifically referred to the consultation, rather than confrontation, Galaxy warship coach Zinedine Zidane is also to help, so CR7 get higher The salary. It can be said that this is a very harmonious negotiation, not a few times before the salary so swaggering.

In fact, since C Lo last November and Real Madrid contract, his performance has been good, especially in the Champions League, buy fifa coins against Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and Juventus three teams, CR7 scored a total of 10 goals , In the scorers overtake Messi won the Champions League gold boots, but also help Galaxy warships after the Champions League restructuring after the first defending team. In addition, with the help of C Lo, Real Madrid also won the La Liga Champion, the Spanish Super Cup champion, two European Super Cup and World Club Cup champion. On all fronts, C Lo was rotated, but played very well, and then let him become the World Footballer of the Year and the European Golden Globe Award for the most popular.

Spanish media "Marca" revealed that Real Madrid away 3-1 victory over Dortmund, C Lo again with the club sitting at the negotiating table to discuss the issue of salary increases. It is reported that C Luo and Real Madrid's contract should not change, still in the summer of 2021 due, because he was 36 years old, which is likely to be a final contract.



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