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Bullets Forever recap madden mobile coins

Labelmadden  mobile  Madden  NFL  Coins  2017-Jul-13 15:09

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R.J. Hunter is hitting buzzer beaters in the NBA now, too.The Celtics rookie is no stranger to beating the clock, but he's used to doing it with even more on the line. Hunter hit a game winner to lead his No. 14-seeded Georgia State team to a win over Baylor in the first round of last year's NCAA Tournament.It was so good it knocked his dad and the coach of Georgia State, Ron Hunter, out of his chair. Here's hoping Hunter's dad jumped out of his seat for the half-courter, too.UPDATE:Ron Hunter DID fall out of a chair (or couch):


It's been a strange few months for Hassan Whiteside. Now in his second season in Miami, Whiteside is proving last year's breakthrough performance was no fluke. He's leading the league in blocks with four a game, pulling down nearly 11 rebounds a night and also scoring close to 13 points. Not bad for a 26-year-old who wasworrying about car bombs in Lebanon two years ago.That said, the advanced stats paint a different picture. Whiteside may madden mobile coins swat more shots that anyone else in the league, but all those blocks and rebounds have done done little to help the Heat actually get stops. He has become a symbol for the stereotypical "eye test vs. numbers" conflict.


The statistical difference in Miami's defensive performance when Whiteside plays vs. when he sits is startling. With him on the court, the Heat are surrendering 102.5 points per 100 possessions,per When he sits, that number rises to 92.3, which would be the second-best mark in the league. That seems to suggest the Heathave built their ferocious defense in spite of the league's best shot-blocker, not because of him.Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra usually agrees with the numbers. The Heat have mostly usedChris Bosh as the lone big man during crunch time, relegating Whiteside to the bench. Whiteside has sat out of six entire fourth quarters this season, and the 4.8 fourth-quarter minutes he receives per game is the fourth-lowest mark on Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins
the team.

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